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In today’s digitized world where friends are measured in followers, and memories are summed up in staged Snapgram shots, we take time to meet in the real world, with real people. The Real Meet is a digital series where we bring together influencers, celebrities, rising stars, and thought leaders to foster authentic connections, and possibly mark the beginnings of a rewarding venture. We make introductions, and interview guests over a meal while filming at various venues throughout New York City. The Real Meet is also a part of a tech ecosystem that aims to provide a balance between the physical and the digital world. Therefore,  we will be thanking guests for joining the show with TIPSc, a gratitude based cryptocurrency.

Why interview over a meal? Sharing a meal is a universal means of transporting personal culture and experiencing the diversity that informs change and creativity. It is where million dollar deals are actualized, social movements are organized, and important milestones are celebrated. Meals allow people to connect to their roots, memories and traditions — and most importantly to each other.

The Real Meet is a series of episodes that brings together influential icons for a meal while they connect over what is most important to them.  We exchange TIPSc cryptocurrency, striking the optimal balance between the digital and the physical world.

Join us for The Real Meet… Where We Get Real Over A Meal.