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In a world where technological advancement is shrouded with unseen risks, new tech may not always be seen in a positive light, we aim to create a culture of accountability and build a community around technology that fosters a balance between the digital and physical world. To achieve this balance, we have established an interconnected ecosystem of technology and media in Meethappy.  An Ai assisted accommodation application, Meethappy, uses TIPSc, a gratitude based cryptocurrency, and “The Real Meet” - a digital series of interviews with influencers conducted over a meal. These platforms work together to encourage authentic human interactions and provide the most accommodating experiences.


    Meethappy is an innovative intelligent assistant that is integrated into a mobile application. Meethappy will recommend, search, reserve, order, pay, and review places to meet. Users have the ability to try new places based on recommendations from previously reserved and preferred venues. Your specified table and order can be prepared immediately as you walk in the door, in addition to several other benefits. Meethappy will be available at a myriad of venues ranging from your favorite coffee shop or hotel lounge to the most sought after restaurant or nightclub in town. At Meethappy, we believe we can help billions of people afford luxury experiences with a higher standard of service; while creating revolutionary value for businesses. Meethappy provides a seamless VIP meeting experience anytime and anywhere you meet.


    TIPSc is a gratuity based cryptocurrency. TIPSc allows you to acknowledge individuals who go above and beyond to assist, accommodate, or provide you with a spectacular product. In addition, the value of your TIPSc increases every time you perform a transaction. You will be rewarded every time you show gratitude. TIPSc cryptocurrency is ground breaking in that not only will you be able to receive compensation for your good work, but you will be able to send commentary on what you are being compensated for while still having similar tax benefits to receiving a cash tip. This is revolutionary in that it can provide positive metrics on individual performance. Eventually, it can provide verified public recommendations on which individuals or institutions provide the best service and/ or product.


       The Information and Communications Technology revolution of the 1990s has resulted in easier and faster channels of communication with an accompanying caveat: the degradation in the effectiveness of connecting.  As demonstrated in “The Real Meet”, personal networks are and have always been the catalyst to the most impactful movements and innovations in history. Through the technology provided via TIPSc and Meethappy, meeting in person will be a truly accommodating experience. Bringing people together and introducing Meethappy technology will encourage powerful connections, create the optimal accommodating environment for these connections, and inspire positive change. The balance between the digital and physical world is achieved in cultivating authentic connections. Join us as we take you on a journey and explore the majestic space between these two worlds.


If you really want to make a friend, go and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.
— Cesar Chavez